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My Backpack and Me – Choosing a Backpack for Southeast Asia

When I first started to plan my Southeast Asia trip, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be packing all my stuff in a backpack.  Midway through planning the trip, before booking my volunteer placement and plane tickets, I was sure I’d be using a rolling backpack.  By the time everything was booked, and after reading about 8 million travel blogs, I knew that a real backpack for Southeast Asia was the only way to go. (more…)

10 Weeks in Southeast Asia: The Plan

In the frenzy of packing and getting prepared for my trip, I didn’t get the chance to blog as much as I would have liked about my proposed itinerary for my next 10 weeks in Southeast Asia.  When I plan a trip, I usually try to opt for planned spontaneity rather than a strict itinerary. This means that I research a ton of options in each place I hope to go, and then can pick what to do when I feel like it once I’m already in each place. Southeast Asia makes it particularly easy to do this, with its low cost travel options and guesthouses.  Now that I have a spare minute in my volunteer placement’s guest house in Chiang Mai, I can let you know what I’ve got planned, loosely, for the next 10 weeks:


Why I’m Leaving Everything to go to Thailand Alone

In my next few posts I will talk ad nauseam about my plans for my trip to Southeast Asia, but before I go I think it’s important to close some doors behind me. Many people, especially my grandma, think it’s crazy that I’m quitting a great job to go to Thailand alone.  Here is a little bit about where I’ve been and why I’m going.


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