The Girl who Convinced me to Buy Barbie Leggings

Karrie in Barbie Leggings

It’s a rare day when a juniors fast fashion brand like Wet Seal makes me REALLY happy about something. Teenager Karrie Brown has down syndrome.  In an article that you can read at, I learned that with a little help from social media, Wet Seal booked a photo shoot starring Karrie as a model.  Beyond the warm heart feels that this sort of story gives and what it says about the evolving relationship between the fashion brand and consumer, this business and marketing decision by Wet Seal was a wise one for simpler reasons.  It looks like Karrie is having a blast in those leggings.  She reminded me that fashion is silly.  And so I bought a pair of Barbie leggings, just because I wanted to remember the fun of dressing that radiates from Karrie’s photos for Wet Seal. It is a few months later and I still haven’t worn them out yet, but I sure had a blast having a little Clueless style wardrobe montage in my bedroom.  But I promise, they will be hitting the streets of New York soon (with me in them)!!