Bon Voyage! My Story by the Numbers

I’m about to fly off to my Southeast Asia solo trip on the longest flight of my life for an exciting journey and life reboot.

Here’s my story by the numbers:

24 years ago I was born

It’s been 2.5 years since college graduation

I spent 2.5 years living with my parents in NYC after college, saving $$

I worked for 2 years at a “dream job” designing textiles for a major retailer before I quit to live new dreams

It is a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong leaving January 9th

Then, its a 3 hour connecting flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand

I will be travelling in Southeast Asia for 10 weeks aka 70 days

The first 3 weeks of which will be spent volunteering with an arts program in Chiang Mai

I purchased 4 travel backpacks to decide between (and return) before happily deciding on the Red Kelty Redwing 50L

In July 2014, I spent 2 weeks in Israel doing an art and social action themed birthright trip – during heightened Israeli-Palestine conflict

1 plague of ants distracted my parents from having nervous breakdowns while I was in Israel – but I was fine!

I’ve spent infinite late nights learning about the places in the world I want to visit and attempting to plan my future

I came up with approximately 8 million blog name options and pestered my friends and family for feedback before launching Girl, Uncharted

I bought 3 Samsung Gadgets to keep me connected while abroad (phone, tablet, camera) and to update said blog