US Presidential Primaries: Why A Vote for Bernie isn’t an Unvote for Hillary

Today is the day. It’s time to vote in the New York primaries. I’ve turmoiled for months over my voting ...
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Poster

Movie Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I'm a dreamer.  For as long as I can remember, getting lost in fantasies about life, imagined adventures and conversations ...
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The Girl who Convinced me to Buy Barbie Leggings

It's a rare day when a juniors fast fashion brand like Wet Seal makes me REALLY happy about something ...
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Cancer Patient Makeovers

The Most Uplifting Makeovers – Cancer Patients

It's always difficult for me to get back into the blogging groove when I've been away from it for a ...
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Fashion of the Future as Predicted in 1939

This is hilarious and self-explanatory: Thank you Mental Floss ...
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Origami Shoes

Shoes. So essential and yet often so taken for granted.  These origami shoes are a genius answer to providing affordable ...
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Janelle Monae - Tuxedos and Feminism

Janelle Monae – Tuxedos and Feminism

In addition to really liking her sound and style, Janelle Monae's lyrics are pretty awesome. Listen to the first and ...
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Tel Aviv and Seoul Fashion Weeks via Vice Magazine

Vice Magazine has a series of documentaries revealing culture, fashion, and beauty - the good, the bad, and the terrifying ...
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Make-up, Porn Stars and Beauty Pageant Queens

It's not often that I find myself looking at either porn stars or teen pageant queens on my computer, but ...
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Wool and the Gang – KIY (Knit it yourself)

The well named Wool and the Gang site allows you to buy trendy knit items made by Peruvian artisans out ...
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