Sunlight through Trees in Thailand

Scouts Day at the Hill Tribe School in Thailand

Careening up a narrow mountain path in the open back of a red pick-up truck was not how I imagined my first day of volunteering with Art Relief International in Thailand. Nonetheless, this city girl took it in stride when we found out, moments after arrival at a dusty, mountainside, primary school campus, that instead of the planned art workshops we were supposed to be facilitating in conjunction with students from an American university study abroad program, today was “Scout’s Day” at Wat Prachakasem Hill Tribe School. (more…)

Why I’m Leaving Everything to go to Thailand Alone

In my next few posts I will talk ad nauseam about my plans for my trip to Southeast Asia, but before I go I think it’s important to close some doors behind me. Many people, especially my grandma, think it’s crazy that I’m quitting a great job to go to Thailand alone.  Here is a little bit about where I’ve been and why I’m going.


Cancer Patient Makeovers

The Most Uplifting Makeovers – Cancer Patients

It’s always difficult for me to get back into the blogging groove when I’ve been away from it for a while.  I hoard stories in a Firefox tab group that I’m dying to share with the world, yet never know where to start!  Then I saw this heartwarming and hilarious video about Cancer patients. Yup, the big C. And it’s got such a refreshing twist.  I won’t spoil it, but I wish ALL people would take a minute to rethink the kind of makeovers they really could use.  It’s only fashion. (more…)

Make-up, Porn Stars and Beauty Pageant Queens

It’s not often that I find myself looking at either porn stars or teen pageant queens on my computer, but today was an exception.  Oh Huffington Post, how you lead me astray.  First, let’s talk about make-up artist Melissa Murphy, who photographed the faces of numerous female porn actresses before and after make-up.  The transformation is shocking. (more…)

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