Wool and the Gang – KIY (Knit it yourself)

The well named Wool and the Gang site allows you to buy trendy knit items made by Peruvian artisans out of premium quality yarns. To save a few bucks, though not much, you can opt for the super eco and crafty DIY knitting kits to knit the same garments yourself.  Here’s what comes inside a kit according to the Wool and the Gang website:


It’s expensive, sure.  More expensive than buying your own yarn and knitting patterns separately, plus the color options are limited.  But this has the added benefit of super covetable, fashionable designs to knit, the convenience of the right type of everything needed all in one package, and CARE instructions! Wonderful.

If you already have your own knitting needles, you can save almost $20 bucks by omitting them from your package, making the kit for a top $85.  Still pricey for a craft kit? Definitely. Worth it? Maybe. If you’re the kind of person who can finish a long term craft project.

Whether you buy your knit or crocheted item ready-made or you choose to make it yourself, you are supporting a great company and going to look fantastic while doing it.